ReLove Animals

ReLove Animals, Inc. is an outstanding organization that believes “Education for Responsibility is the key to eradicating the problem of gross over population in the shelters, abuse and neglect.” Founded in 2012 by Julianne Zimmer, ReLove Animals was inspired by a puppy named Jerhico who was rescued from an abusive life on the streets of Baltimore.

ReLove Animals launched a program in 2014 to teach students about helping animals in need while fostering a greater compassion for animals in their community. The program is called ReLove Education for Responsibility Program, and it has been introduced to almost 150 classrooms from 27 schools. The program is now in public, private and homeschool settings throughout Maryland, as well as in California and Idaho.

Here are some important facts about this educational program:

·        Presented and taught by teachers who lead engaging conversations with slides/pictures

·        Includes project partners giving the ability to have guest speakers from local rescues and shelters

·        Students participate in projects like donation drives and getting involved in their own communities

·        Videos, games and crafts are included to make the program interactive and add on to the base lessons

·        Includes eight lessons taught once a month throughout the school year

·        An advisory board was assembled and includes: school teachers, shelters directors and other local known advocates as well as ReLove Animals, Inc. project managers and directors.

PAWS and THINK! is honored to team up with ReLove Animals! Author Miranda Mittleman will be a guest speaker at Patterson Park Public Charter School this March. Students will listen as she reads her books and talks about how she rescued her dog, Weaver, from a local animal rescue. They will also learn how Weaver became her inspiration for the PAWS and THINK! series. Students will get to meet Weaver, as he will be joining the program for this exciting day!  

For more information about ReLove Animals, Inc. and how you or your school can get involved, please visit their website