A PAWSitive Author Note

When I began my new journey as an author, I never imagined it would be quite like this. I knew it would be a lot of work but did not expect it to be so incredibly rewarding. 

In just a few short months, I've had the opportunity to meet thousands of children and share my stories. And although I enjoy all of my events (book signings, festivals, etc.), school visits are definitely my favorite part. You see, I visit schools to inspire young children but they are the ones who inspire me.

My school visits usually start with some sweet, curious whispers as I enter the room: "Is that her? Is she the author?" They smile as they anxiously wait for me to begin my presentation. This part always catches me off guard. Is it really me they are so excited to see?

I do an introduction, then jump into discussing Inspiration. We talk about what it means to be inspired and they learn what inspired me to write my books. I even tell them a funny story about where I got the idea for my book covers (it really is a funny story!) I read my two books, I Am Important and We Are All Different, followed by short discussions on the lessons learned by the main character, Weaver. I've noticed that students find it quite easy to relate to Weaver, the playful, curious pup. 

My presentation always ends with a Q&A session. This is by far my favorite part. I encourage students to ask me anything about my books, my dog (and main character) Weaver, being an author, etc. I get some serious questions, some interesting questions, and some very hilarious ones! I even tend to get stories from students who are eager to share things about their own lives. It brings me so much joy to see students excited to learn and talk to me. 

As I continue to visit schools and meet so many wonderful children, I have to PAWS and THINK!: THIS is what makes it all worthwhile!