“Our panel of judges highly recommends this educational and entertaining series for parents and educators.”

- Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards®

PAWS and THINK! I Am important


"I’m a first grade teacher who absolutely loves this book. The message is simple for young children to grasp. My students and my own personal children enjoy reading Ms. Mittleman’s stories. She came to my school to speak to our students and really inspired them. I highly recommend her books and am excited for the next one."

- 1st Grade Teacher & Amazon Customer


"...The rhyming rhythm of this story makes it an enjoyable read aloud for young children, and this short and sweet, simple tale drives home the message that *I am important.* Being your true self and being a part of a family are significant jobs to have..."

- MaiStoryBook (Blog)


"This book is a vibrantly illustrated story that reminds kids that we all have special roles in life and they are all equally important."

- Goodreads


"...A nice, clear message with beautiful words and illustrations. Spoken perfectly for the young. We actually went to a reading from this author, Miranda, and she was so sweet and friendly. She autographed their book for them and took some pictures. They still talk about that day and how they met a real author."

- Amazon Customer


"My son loves this book. The pages are large, bright, and colorful. The message of the story is positive, and it's short enough to make for the perfect bedtime story. I can't wait to see more stories from Paws and Think!"

- Amazon Customer


"...This book sends an unambiguous message that being part of a family makes you important. The message is so clear that my youngest started telling me, “I’m important,” after one reading..."

- Read. Learn. Repeat. (Blog)



PAWS and THINK! We are all different


"...Weaver notes that while others may be different to him, he is different to them. It’s a concept that often gets skipped over in books on diversity, and encourages children to consider the perspectives of others. The illustrations were very cute, with colorful environments and charming characters..."

- The Baby Bookworm (Blog)


"...This delightful little book follows Weaver the dog as he finds new friends, none of whom look like him... upbeat, and written in rhyme, this brand new book is enhanced by bright and attractive illustrations. Wonderful as a read aloud."

- Amazon Customer


"Paws and Think! We Are All Different is a great book to reflect on the fact that we are all different in some way from those around us. However, these differences are not a barrier when it comes to being friends and having fun. This is a beautifully illustrated book that helps children overcome differences and realize that our looks are not what defines us."

- Goodreads


"This is a great book with such a great message. I got this for my nephew and now I read it to him whenever I visit. Miranda Mittleman is a wonderful author and incorporates lessons that every child should learn into her work"

- Amazon Customer