Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom is a mobile classroom that travels to 10 locations throughout Garrett County, Maryland to increase school readiness. This program began in 2016 when Garrett County Public Schools teamed up with numerous partners, including the Garrett County Judy Center, Garrett County Board of Education, Maryland Food Bank, Garrett County Health Department, WGW Foundation, and more!

Learning Beyond the Classroom will strive to meet three goals:

  1. Increase school readiness with families that have children in the 0-5 year old population in 10 geographical areas throughout Garrett County.

  2. Provide fine arts programs and experiences for the 0-5 year old programs.

  3. Provide feeding programs [Food Pantry, Nutritional Education, and distribute toiletries items to families] for children throughout Garrett County to reduce childhood hunger

So what exactly does this “mobile classroom” entail? A community school bus was hollowed out and turned it into a classroom on wheels! The mobile classroom travels throughout the county on the third week of every month and visits two locations each day. The program incorporates multiple fun and educational activities at each location: Story time, crafts, STEM lessons, music, dance, art, physical activity, free play, community building, and more!

PAWS and THINK! is thrilled to team up with Learning Beyond the Classroom for the month of October! Author Miranda Mittleman will be traveling with the mobile classroom across Garrett County to read her books and teach young children valuable lessons. She will also be incorporating a fun craft in addition to her story time. Special guest, Weaver the dog, will also be joining! Children will get to interact with Weaver as they “Learn Life Lessons through the Mindful Mouth of a Mutt”!

For more information on Learning Beyond the Classroom, visit the “Learning Beyond the Classroom” Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Learning-Beyond-the-Classroom-1719310518316983/