Pet Pals Reading Program

The Maryland SPCA has combined our favorite things: children, pets, and reading! Their “Pet Pals” Reading Program was created to benefit children as well as their pets waiting to be adopted.

Every Tuesday throughout the summer, the Maryland SPCA invites children to come bring books and read to the pets. While they are strengthening their reading skills, they are also learning the importance of treating pets with love and respect. The pets enjoy the companionship while they are waiting to be adopted.

MD SPCA volunteer, Claire Hoffman, reached out to us to tell us about this special program. She has helped out with the reading program many times and told us how adorable it is to watch the children turn their books around to show the pets the pictures! Claire was kind enough to purchase a couple of our PAWS and THINK! books to donate to the MD SPCA. She thought it would be the perfect addition to their unique program and we couldn’t agree more!

For more information on the Pet Pals Reading Program, or to find out how you can get involved with this wonderful organization, please visit