Wings of Love, Kuwait!

Our Charity of the Quarter is Wings of Love, Kuwait. This non-profit dog rescue organization is volunteer-run and based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their mission is to “help find loving foster and adoptive homes in the United States for dogs that have been abandoned and abused in Kuwait, and that have little hope for survival.” Wings of Love, Kuwait will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from each book sold through March 31st.

Why Wings of Love, Kuwait?

I love giving back to organizations that help children and animals in any way. I decided to do something special this quarter and let the PAWS and THINK! fans vote for their favorite charity! A post was created on social media to ask fans which charities are meaningful to them. The two charities mentioned the most were put to a public vote. When Wings of Love, Kuwait received nearly 450 votes, I knew that we had found our next Charity of the Quarter!


A Happy Coincidence

When I reached out to Wings of Love, Kuwait, I knew that their organization was founded by a flight attendant who witnessed a dire need to help abandoned and abused dogs in Kuwait. A few weeks after I selected this charity, a local television station did a feature on me and my work in the community. My mother-in-law, Cathy (Maxine) Mittleman, has worked for United Airlines for over 40 years. She was watching my news feature live in her break room with other United Airlines employees. When I mentioned “Wings of Love, Kuwait” as my charity, a few employees turned to Cathy and said that they knew Patricia, the United Airlines employee who founded the organization! The two were introduced days later and it was an instant connection.

Left: Cathy (Maxine) Mittleman, Right: Patricia Galore-Riska

Left: Cathy (Maxine) Mittleman, Right: Patricia Galore-Riska

Shortly after this picture was taken, Patricia and I connected through social media. She is one of the kindest and most selfless people that I have ever met! I am honored to have selected an organization with such passionate roots. I hope that our PAWS and THINK! donation at the end of this quarter will significantly help Wings of Love, Kuwait as they continue their mission to help save dogs and find them homes.

-Author Miranda Mittleman