We Rescue Love

A little less than three years ago, an organization called We Rescue Love rescued a mama dog with her whole litter of newborn puppies. They named them the “Cookie Litter” and they were all fostered together by one of We Rescue Love’s amazing foster families. Mama “Cookie” had seven sweet little pups- “Snickerdoodle”, “Gingerbread” and “Butterscotch” just to name a few! But one of these pups did not look like the others. They named the little black and white pup “Oreo” and much like the classic Nabisco cookie, he was simply hard to resist.


From the moment we saw his puppy picture online, we knew that we had to meet this little guy! What we didn’t know was that Oreo, or “Weaver” as we named him, would forever change our lives. When we brought Weaver home, he was such a happy, outgoing pup! His tail never ceased to stop wagging and he proved that every person or dog that we passed on our walks was an opportunity for him to make a new friend. It was on our walks together through our city of South Baltimore that I got the inspiration for the PAWS and THINK! books!

Some facts about Weaver:

·        Weaver is named after Earl Weaver of the Baltimore Orioles.

·        Weaver is 37.5% Beagle, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, 12.5% Miniature Poodle, 12.5% Labrador Retriever, 12.5% Rottweiler, 12.5% “Mixed breed" groups consisting of Herding, Terrier, Guard and Hound, and 100% Handsome!

·        Weaver’s next door neighbors and friends in Baltimore City were two sweet Pit Bulls and his new next door neighbors and friends in Hagerstown are two sweet Pit Bulls too!

Some facts about We Rescue Love:

·        They are a non-profit, foster-based, no-kill rescue committed to saving homeless dogs who would otherwise face certain euthanasia.

·        Rescue partnerships are a very important part of We Rescue Love's efforts and commitment to save the lives of dogs and puppies in their care.

·        They offer a unique program under the Oz Fund to provide rescue to pregnant mother dogs. Since the development of this unique fund in 2014, We Rescue Love has provided lifesaving treatment for over 50 pregnant mother dogs, 9 complex orthopedic surgical cases, 6 heart worm positive dogs, 36 dogs with severe skin conditions, and have bottle raised over 40 puppies who were left with no mother to care for them.

As our new Charity of the Quarter, a portion of the proceeds from every book sold July 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018 will be donated to We Rescue Love. For more information about this incredible organization, please visit www.werescuelove.org